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Prostate Cancer

3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy is a very safe, advanced non-surgical method with no radiotherapy, chemotherapy,hormone ,and side-effects that completely treatments various kinds of prostate cancer conditions. It treats the root cause of your prostate cancer. Once you are cured, your disease will not relapse. Most therapeutic drugs are natural herbal extracts. These natural herbal extracts have no side effects and no drug resistance.

Prostate Cancer

Cancer means some normal cells in the body turn into the cancerous cells by the effect of various carcinogenic factors and poor holistic health and ecological environment, and then the cancerous cells amass to form tumor that causes various symptoms to appear, or even leads to death. In human body, the cell masses formed by the less than 2 million cancer cells are very small, and they can't be detected by CT or MRI examinations, which also doesn’t have clinical symptoms. While the tumor with its size about 1cubic centimeter has approximate 1 billion cancerous cells that can be detected by the ultrasound Type B, CT scan, MRI and others. For the case, it belongs to the early stage of cancer when the cancerous cells are inactive at a low speed of multiplication, and it is the golden time for patients to get cured. At the late stage of cancer, the cancerous cells are very active at a very fast speed of multiplication and the tumor also grows fast spreading to multiple parts of the body, which is very difficult for patients to get cured.

Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the prostate and a gland in the male reproductive system. Most prostate cancers are slowly growing; however, there are also cases of aggressive prostate cancers. The cancer cells may metastasize (spread) from the prostate to other parts of the body, particularly the bones and lymph nodes. Prostate cancer may initially cause no symptoms, but in the later stages, it can cause pain, difficulty in urination, problems during sexual intercourse, erectile dysfunction, among other symptoms and ultimately, death.

The presence of prostate cancer may be indicated by symptoms, physical examination, prostate-specific antigen (PSA), digital rectal examination (DRE), trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS), and pelvic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination.

3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy is the perfect combination of Traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM has a history of thousands of years ) and modern western precision medicine. 3D Precision & Targeted Therapy treats not only prostate tumor, but also the cause of the prostate cancer, and improves and restores the patient's holistic health and ecological environment, so once you are cured, your original disease will not relapse. Most therapeutic drugs are natural herbal extracts. These natural herbal extracts have no side effects and no drug resistance.

The traditional treatments of the prostate cancer include active surveillance, surgery, radiation therapy (including proton therapy), chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or the comprehensive use of the above-mentioned ones. The traditional treatments are only to treat prostate tumor, and those methods can do nothing to effectively treat the causes of prostate cancer that may have serious side effects, inhibit and destroy the patient's holistic health and ecological environment, and make the original disease easily repeat. 

Our 3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Therapy is a scientific and natural therapy and 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy is a superior, proven treatment protocol for prostate cancer. If you have any prostate cancer questions, please feel free to contact us without delay and tell us about your medical condition.

Prostate Cancer Pathophysiology

Prostate cancer is classified as an adenocarcinoma, or glandular cancer, that begins when normal semen-secreting prostate gland cells mutate into cancer cells. The region of the prostate gland where the adenocarcinoma is most common is the peripheral zone. Initially, small clumps of cancer cells remain confined to otherwise normal prostate glands, a condition known as carcinoma in situ or prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN). Although there is no proof that PIN is a cancer precursor, it is closely associated with cancer. Over time, these cancer cells begin to multiply and spread to the surrounding prostate tissue (the stroma) forming a tumor. Eventually, the tumor may grow large enough to invade nearby organs such as the seminal vesicles or the rectum, or the tumor cells may develop the ability to travel in the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Prostate cancer is considered a malignant tumor because it is a mass of cells that can invade other parts of the body. This invasion of other organs is called metastasis. Prostate cancer most commonly metastasizes to the bones, lymph nodes, and may invade rectum, bladder and lower ureters after local progression. The route of metastasis to bone is thought to be venous as the prostatic venous plexus draining the prostate connects with the vertebral veins.

How 3D Precision & Targeted Therapy Find and Treat the Cause of Prostate Cancer

Through a large number of case studies and the long-term clinical researches, we have found the prostate cancer is usually caused by various causative pathogens and prostatic toxins and poor holistic health condition.

1) Causative pathogens include: bacteria, chlamydia, mycoplasma, viruses, fungus, and parasites, etc. We have found there are one or more specific pathogens for all prostate cancer in the development process. We can often find these bacteria in the patient's prostate, like Helicobacter pylori can cause gastric cancer, Streptococcus bovis can cause rectal cancer, and Herpes simplex virus can cause cervical cancer-like.

Some causative pathogens (like virus, fungus, chlamydia, etc.) can directly damage the prostate cells, and raise the prostatic specific antigen( PSA) levels and may have a close relationship with prostate cancer. After removing these pathogens and infections, the PSA value of a patient can return to normal with prostate nodules disappearing. In the past 20 years, prostatitis patients who have received our 3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Treatment rarely have suffered from prostate cancer after removing the pathogens and infections.

2) Prostatic toxins refers to harmful substances within the prostate. Prostatic toxins is divided into exotoxin and endotoxin. Exotoxin refers to external environment pollution, such as, air pollution, water pollution, and food pollution. Environment pollution brings harmful chemical materials, such as heavy metal cadmium can lead to prostate cancer. Endotoxin refers to harmful products created in the human body during the process of metabolism. These harmful products include: lactic acid, ketone acid, uric acid, and free radicals. Prostatic endotoxin also includes: biological toxins produced by pathogenic micro-organisms, excess fat, and old and dead cells within the prostate.

Prostatic toxins can accumulate in the prostate through a variety of channels into the prostate, such as rectal spread, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and bladder urine backflow,etc. These toxins damage prostatic cells and tissues, irritate the urethra and nerves, and cause dysuria and male sexual dysfunction. When prostatic toxins continuously deposit in the prostate, they cause the prostate blockage, and prostate cancer.

3) The poor holistic health and ecological environment include immune dysfunction, endocrine hormonal dysfunction, blood circulation dysfunction, liver and kidney dysfunctions, mental dysfunction, constipation and weight loss for unknown reasons, etc.  When the holistic health and ecological environment are poor and the body can’t find nor clean away the carcinogenic pathogens and toxins in time, the normal cells in the body continuously turn into cancerous cells which gradually accumulate to form new tumor. In this way, it is very easy to cause the relapse and metastasis of cancer.

Before treatment, we will do a comprehensive survey for patient’s disease history and a full set of laboratory examinations to find the carcinogenic pathogens and toxins and evaluate the patient's holistic health and ecological environment; and then we will adopt the methods of overall and local treatments in the combination with traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to eliminate the carcinogenic pathogens and toxins and to improve and restore the patient's holistic health and ecological environment. Most therapeutic drugs are natural herbal extracts. These natural herbal extracts have no side effects and no drug resistance.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

It is important to note that early prostate cancer usually causes no symptoms, however, sometimes, it does and these are often similar to diseases like benign prostatic hyperplasia. They include frequent urination, nocturia (increased urination at night), difficulty starting and maintaining a steady stream of urine, hematuria (blood in the urine), and dysuria (painful urination.

Prostate cancer is associated with urinary dysfunction as the prostate gland surrounds the prostatic urethra. Changes within the gland, therefore, directly affect urinary function. Because the vas deferens deposits seminal fluid into the prostatic urethra, and secretions from the prostate gland itself are included in semen content, prostate cancer may also cause problems with sexual function and performance, such as difficulty achieving erection or painful ejaculation.

Advanced prostate cancer can spread to other parts of the body, possibly causing additional symptoms. The most common is bone pain, often in the vertebrae (bones of the spine), pelvis, or ribs. Spread of cancer into other bones such as the femur is usually to the proximal part of the bone. Prostate cancer in the spine can also compress the spinal cord, causing leg weakness and urinary and fecal incontinence.

Prostate Cancer Clinical Diagnosis

Clinical diagnosis of prostate cancer mainly rely on Digital Rectal Examination (DRE), serum Prostate specific antigen (PSA) test , Trans-Rectal Ultrasound (TRUS), and pelvic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination.

Normally a PSA>4 ug/L result is the critical value that is used to screen prostate cancer. When the PSA result is between 4 to 10ug/L, it is called the grey area, it can indicate prostate cancer or prostate enlargement. When the PSA result is over 10ug/L, the possibility of prostate cancer is almost certain. When checked by digital rectal examination (DRE) and transrectal ultrasound, and prostate nodules are detected, and PSA is over 10ug/L, a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination is required to diagnose or exclude prostate cancer.

Prostate Biopsy: We are opposed to the transrectal prostate biopsy. We often find that these patients had prostate biopsy, their prostate growth very quickly. The doctors often do the transrectal prostate biopsy. The biopsy is done directly through the rectum guided by ultrasound. The transrectal prostate biopsy is (1) very painful, (2) have the danger of introducing new bacteria into the prostate, (3) damage rectal tissue, create rectal fissures, intestinal toxins will enter the prostate gland, (4) damage the prostate, and cause fibrous indurations, etc.

Prostate Cancer Staging

If prostate cancer is diagnosed, other tests are done to find out if cancer cells have spread within the prostate or to other parts of the body. This process is called staging. Whether the cancer is only in the prostate, or has spread outside the prostate, determines your stage of prostate cancer. The stage of prostate cancer tells doctors what kind of treatment you need.

There are two schemes commonly used to stage prostate cancer. The most common is promulgated by the American Joint Committee on Cancer, and is known as the TNM system, which evaluates the size of the tumor, the extent of involved lymph nodes, and any metastasis (distant spread) and also takes into account the cancer grade. As with many other cancers, these are often grouped into four stages (I–IV). Another scheme, often still used by clinicians, is the Whitmore-Jewett stage. Briefly, Stage I disease is cancer that is found incidentally in a small part of the sample when prostate tissue was removed for other reasons, such as benign prostatic hypertrophy, and the cells closely resemble normal cells and the gland feels normal to the examining finger. In Stage II more of the prostate is involved and a lump can be felt within the gland. In Stage III, the tumor has spread through the prostatic capsule and the lump can be felt on the surface of the gland. In Stage IV disease, the tumor has invaded nearby structures, or has spread to lymph nodes or other organs.

Metastatic Pathway of Prostate Cancer

There are three ways for prostate cancer metastasis:

1) The prostate tumor infiltrates the nearby tissues or adjacent organs, and it first invades the two lateral lobes of prostate, and then break through the prostate envelop to the ampullar region of vas deferens, seminal vesicle gland, bladder neck, and posterior urethra.

2) The prostate cancer cells spread to other parts of the body through the blood circulation system, which grow and reproduce to form tumor. The most common parts for its metastasis are the pelvis, spine, and femur, which can cause bone pain, and make pathological fracture occur, and it can also spread to liver, lungs, pleura, adrenal gland, brain and other visceral organs.

3) The prostate cancer cells can spread to the inguinal lymph nodes and the lymph nodes in the other parts of pelvic area through the lymphatic system which can cause lymph node swelling.

How 3D Precision & Targeted Therapy treat the prostate tumor that has been formed

3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment is the Precision & Targeted injection treatment technique which is similar to Chinese acupuncture through using natural liposome carrier to directly transport a set of natural herbal medicines with anti-cancerous effect that is able to kill cancerous cells to the core location of prostate tumor. This can form very high medicinal concentration in the cancerous cells and thus it can have multiplying medicinal treatment effects.

Please click on this picture and enter the video link:


For prostate tumor, our treatment consists of several steps. First, we help the location and size of the prostate tumor by Digital Rectal Examination (DRE), Trans Rectal UltraSound (TRUS), and pelvic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination. And then we Precision & Targeted inject a set of anti-cancer herbal medicines without any side effects into the prostate tumor area in high concentrations by using 3D Precision & Targeted injection technology, thus directly inhibiting and killing cancer cells, making the prostate tumor shrink. After the 1-2 course treatment, the patients' prostate tumor can be completely atrophy through DRE, TRUS, or MRI examination. At the same time, their symptoms also are obviously improved or disappeared.

At the first and second clinical stages (I-II stages), the prostate tumor is only confined to the prostate capsule. At this time, we inject a set of anti-cancer herbal medicines and unblocking herbal medicines within the prostate tumor for treatment. At the third clinical stage (III stage), the prostate tumor goes beyond the prostate capsule and invades neighboring tissues and organs like seminal vesicle, bladder neck etc. We Precision & Targeted inject treatment medicines within the prostate capsule to treat the orthotopic prostate tumor, and we also apply 3D Precision & Targeted injection technology to put a set of anti-cancer treatment medications into adjacent seminal vesicle, the bladder neck and other neighboring tissues and organs for treatment metastatic tumor. At the fourth clinical stage (IV stage), prostate cancer lesion spreads beyond the prostate by transferring lesions to distant bones, or even lungs, liver and adrenal gland. We Precision & Targeted inject locally medicines within the prostate capsule to treat the orthotopic prostate tumor; at the same time, we couple with systemic treatment and Precision & Targeted injection treatment of distant metastatic tumors. The treatment medications include anti-cancer herbal medicines, unblocking herbal medicines, and improving immunity herbal medicines.

3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Treatment is an non-surgical method that causes no harm, no side-effects with no ongoing consequences of the original disease, successful treat prostate cancer. 3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Treatment is not a long-term medicinal treatment and so it is the right treatment for prostate cancer as it causes no side-effects.

How 3D Precision & Targeted Therapy Prevents the Recurrence of Prostate Cancer

3D Precision & Targeted Therapy treats not only prostate tumor, but also the cause of the prostate cancer, and improves and restores the patient's holistic health and ecological environment, so once you are cured, your original disease will not relapse. 

3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Therapy adopts the following treatments to prevent the relapse of prostate cancer:

1) Scavenging cancer cells: we precisely inject a set of anti-cancer herbal medications without any side effects into the prostate tumor in high concentrations by using the 3D Precision & Targeted injection technology, and thus directly inhibiting and killing cancer cells, and making the prostate tumor completely atrophy. For the cancerous cells that hidden in the blood and lymph nodes, we offer a set of intravenous drip anti-cancer herbal medications without any side effect to inhibit and kill this cancer cells.

2) Scavenging carcinogenic pathogens: before treatment, we will do a full set of laboratory examinations to determine the carcinogenic pathogens, and then we use the most effective treatment medications and treatment methods to eliminate the carcinogenic pathogens. 

3) Scavenging carcinogenic materials: while treating the prostate tumor and cancer cells,  we precisely inject the unblocking herbal medications without any side effects to break up the cancer lesions tissues, clear away the blocked passages, and discharge carcinogenic materials through urine. These toxic substances include dead pathogens, toxins, inflammatory materials, calcification, and necrosis substances, etc.

4) Improving holistic health and ecological environment: when the patient's holistic health and ecological environment are poor, like immune dysfunction, endocrine hormonal dysfunction, blood circulation dysfunction, liver and kidney dysfunctions, mental dysfunction, constipation and weight loss of unknown reasons, etc, it is very easy to cause the relapse and metastasis of cancer.  If the patient’s holistic health and ecological environment are poor, we first eliminate carcinogenic pathogens and cancer cells for him at our clinic, and then our doctor will provide him with a group of oral herbal medications that can develop his holistic health and ecological environment and continuously make him recover at home.

5) Because normally the prostate cancer happens in the old people, prostate cancer patients usually have prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. These prostate diseases interact with one another and they have close relations among themselves. The 3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Treatment can treat these diseases at the same time, while other conventional therapies can’t treat them at the same time. 

Advantages of 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment

3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy is the perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine
( TCM has a history of thousands of years )and modern western precision medicine, and it is a non-surgical method that doesn’t cause harm, nor side-effects with no ongoing consequences of the original disease to treat prostate cancer.

1) Our 3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Injection method is similar to Chinese acupuncture and our 3D doctors perform the Precision & Targeted injections at multiple locations. We do not damage the prostate or other uro-genital organs. Even after having continuous treatments for 30 days, no damage is done and no needle marks are found.
2) Our treatment does not damage the prostate nor its function. After treatment finishes, the size and shape of the prostate, urinary function, sexual drive, semen quality, and body condition usually can get significant improvement.
3) Most of the treatment medicines we use are herbal medicines which don’t have any side effects nor damage patient’s immunity, gastrointestinal function, liver and kidney functions.
4) Our treatment is suitable to patients with various types of prostate cancer including the ones who have received other prostate cancer treatments.
5) During the treatment, patients can remain active after each treatment. The treatment will not affect the patient's daily activities.
6) The treatment effect can be consolidated which occurs after all the carcinogenic pathogens and cancer cells are eliminated, and the patient's holistic health and ecological environment get recovered. Thus, it is difficult to get a relapse of the prostate cancer.

3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment Time and Effectiveness

Because patients have different clinical stages of prostate cancer, different causes of disease, and different holistic health and ecological environment, the treatment time is different for each patient.

For the majority of prostate cancer patients, we recommend that they make an arrangement to the 3D Urology and Prostate Cancer Clinic in Xiangtan for a full set of laboratory tests and examinations and a complete 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment. For 4-5 weeks’ course of the 3D Precision & Targeted Treatment, it is suitable for non-metastatic prostate cancer (at the Stage I-II). For 5-6 weeks’ course of the 3D Precision & Targeted Treatment, it is suitable for metastatic prostate cancer (at the Stage III-IV). For more than 6 weeks’ or more rounds of treatment, it is suitable for very complex prostate cancer conditions. You will get 6 days’ 3D Precision & Targeted Treatment every week (from Monday to Saturday).

Patients from many countries have received our treatment and they have achieved excellent results. For 3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Treatment against prostate cancer, the effective rate is more than 95%.

How long Does It Take To fully Recover after Treatment

In order for the prostate cancer to fully recover, the causes and cancer cells must be eliminated, the blockages and carcinogenic materials must be cleared away, and the patient’s holistic health and ecological environment must be improved.

If the patient’s holistic health and ecological environment are good and they are not affected by other unhealthy factors or other diseases, they should get recovery soon after treatment of eliminating the causes and cancer cells and clearing away the blockages and carcinogenic materials.

However, if the patient’s holistic health and ecological environment are poor and they are affected by other unhealthy factors or other diseases, our doctor will provide them with a group of oral herbal medications that can develop their holistic health and ecological environment so that they can continue to recover at home after eliminating the causes and cancer cells and clearing away the blockages and carcinogenic materials at our clinic.

After eliminating the causes and cancer cells, and clearing away the blockages and carcinogenic materials, patients will recover in 6-12 months. During the recovery period, it’s normal for these patients to have some symptoms and these symptoms will disappear. Those patients whose disease causes and cancer cells, blockages and carcinogenic materials are not fully eliminated at the end of one course of 3D prostate Precision & Targeted treatment would not have their symptoms and tumor disappeared after their recovery period, a second round of treatment will need to be prepared for.

Some Successful Clinical Cases of 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment

Case 1 - Mr. John Kennedy from USA

Mr. John Kennedy had a very severe case of prostatitis for over 14 years, which could not be killed by oral and IV antibiotics in the USA. In 2007, John Kennedy's prostatitis was cured by 3D Urology Clinic. Because John Kennedy received multiple prostate trans-rectal injections in the United States in 2006, his rectal wall and prostate gland were left a fibrous scar that could lead to prostate cancer, and anal fistula was formed in the rectum. In recent years, blood urine has been found in the microscope, and obvious tension and pressure feelings have appeared in the prostate area. In 2016, his PSA test was higher than 40 ng/ml, and MRI showed that he had prostate cancer.

After received Dr. Song's 6 weeks of 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment in Nov, 2016 – Dec, 2016, MRI showed his prostate cancer lesions have disappeared. Mr. John Kennedy gets obvious improvement in his symptoms and overall condition.

Update - one year after the treatment:

Mr. John Kennedy did four times MRI rechecks one year after the treatment. MRI examinations show his cancer lesions complete disappear. Now his overall condition gets great improvement. So he is very happy to help other patients to share his experience.

You can contact directly Mr. John Kennedy by the following ways:

John Kennedy from US,

Skype ID: jkennedy1004,

E-mail: [email protected] .

The following is testimonials for the case:

1) Before receiving 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment:

The authoritative hospital’s prostate cancer MRI check in september 2016.

He 1st MRI detected a nodule 16 X 10mm , a cancerous lesion 15 X 11 X 14mm near the center of the prostate. (2016-9-07-before treatment).

2) After receiving 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment:


After received Dr. Song’s 6 weeks of 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment, MRI showed his prostate cancer lesions have disappeared in July 2017. Mr. John Kennedy’ symptoms get obvious improvement and the overall condition has got significant improvement.

3) Mr. John Kennedy's video testimonial

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Case 2 - Mr. Lins from New Zealand

Mr. Lins was diagnosed as having prostate cancer through prostate biopsy and MRI examination in New Zealand.

Before 3D prostate Precision & Targeted treatment, Lindsay had prostate cancer metastasis which broke through the prostate capsule and spread to the rectum,in which a 2cm*1cm tumor was formed. His prostate size was 50cc and the prostate cancerous lesion was 3.1cm x 1.9cm in size. His main symptoms were discomfort and pressure feeling in the prostate and the inner sides of the thighs.

After 6 weeks course of 3D prostate cancer treatment, The authoritative hospital’s prostate cancer MRI check report shows the prostate size and morphology return to normal. In the course of the treatment, Mr. Lins discharged a large amount of carcinogenic material and the discomfort and pressure feeling in the prostate and the inner sides of the thighs reduced. His overall condition, energy, appetite, and sleep get significant improvement.


Update - Half a year after the treatment:

Half a year after one treatment course finished, Lindsay just did a comprehensive cancer recheck, and his MRI indicates his prostate volume returns back to normal and the cancer lesions get obviously shrunk, only a part of lesion scar is left with its cancer signal disappearing, the tumor that spread to the rectum disappears. And the causes existing in his body, like cytomegalovirus infection, had been controlled obviously. he is very happy to help other patients to share his experience.

November 2018 - Update

Feedback one and a half years after treatment:

Currently I find that over all health is good, sleep most nights with one urination at 6:00am, some nights no urination. .Libdo is good, energy is good. ,There is no pressure pain or any groin feeling of “ blockage”, no back pain. In essence, I feel better than I have for over 5 years.

I had the last DRE 8th Nov 2017 “ Normal tone,smooth prostate felt which is non -tender” Currently through self examination, the gland is soft and small.

You can contact directly Mr. Lindsay by the following ways:

Lindsay from New Zealand,

E-mail: [email protected]  .

Case 3 - Mr. Barry Saunders form Australian

Mr. Barry Saunders was diagnosed as having prostate cancer by prostate biopsy in Australia and his main symptoms were urination difficulty at times, discomfort in the low abdomen, and sexual dysfunction.

After received Dr. Song's 4 weeks of 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment in march 2017, MRI showed his prostate cancer lesions have disappeared. Mr. Barry Saunders’ symptoms get obvious improvement and the overall condition has got significant improvement.

The prostate cancer MRI check (for Mr. Barry):

1) Before receiving 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment

The Australia hospital’s prostate cancer MRI before treatment ,Mr. Barry was diagnosed as having prostate cancer in Australia.

2) After receiving 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment

The authoritative hospital’s prostate cancer MRI recheck after treatment in china No obvious abnormality is seen in the Prostate scanning + Enhancement MR.

3) Mr. Barry Saunders's video testimonial

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Case 4 - Mr. John Harrison from UK

Mr. John Harrison has prostate cancer family history. His main symptoms are contraction and suppression feeling in the rectal and perineal areas. Mr. John Harrison has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and had prostate removed in 2008. In 2015, doctor in UK confirmed the recurrence of his prostate cancer after surgery.

After received Dr. Song’s 4 weeks of 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment, MRI showed his prostate cancer lesions have disappeared. Mr. John Harrison’ symptoms get obvious improvement and the overall condition has got significant improvement.

The prostate cancer MRI check (for J. Harrison):

1) Before receiving 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment

Mr. John Harrison has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and had prostate removed in 2008. In 2015, doctor in UK confirmed the recurrence of his prostate cancer after surgery.

2) After receiving 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment


The authoritative hospital’s prostate cancer MRI recheck after treatment in china No obvious abnormality is seen in the Prostate scanning + Enhancement MR .

3) Mr. John Harrison's video testimonial

Please click on this picture and enter the video link:

Case 5- Mr.Jonathan from USA

Jonathan was diagnosed as having prostate cancer and his cancer lesions were very huge in combination with severe prostate infection and prostate calcification, urination difficulty and pain in the prostate. Through 5 weeks' 3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Treatment, his cancer lesions get obviously smaller, and his urination function gets significant improvement with wider urine stream and increasing urine quantity. The prostate pain disappears and his overall condition gets significant improved. We suggest he do a comprehensive recheck after 6 months. He is happy to share his treatment experience with you, please read his video.

Mr. John Jonathan's video testimonial

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Case 6- Mr.Dave from UK

Mr.Dave was diagnosed as having prostate cancer through MRI examination in UK.

Before treatment, the British MRI Examination Report found multiple obvious tumor lesions in the left and right lobes of the prostate and 45ml of the prostate volume.

After received Dr. Song’s 6 weeks of 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment, the authoritative hospital’s prostate cancer MRI check report shows the prostate volume shrinks to 27 ml and finds no cancerous lesions. 


Update - Half a year after the treatment

Mr. Mr.Dave did two times MRI rechecks half one year after the the treatment. MRI show his cancer lesion complete disappear. Now his overall condition gets great improvement.

Case 7- Mr. Tan from Singapore

Mr. Tan was diagnosed as having prostate cancer through prostate biopsy and PET-CT in Singapore. His PSA test was higher than 98 ng/ml.

After received Dr. Song’s 6 weeks of 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Treatment, the MRI recheck has found no prostate cancer signals. For abnormal signal and pathological tissue, it is considered to be BPH. His prostate texture and size get significantly improvement with no obvious pressing pain. No obvious lump is touched. During the treatment, many prostate blockage materials and toxins have been released and his spirits and overall condition get obvious improvement.

Comparison of Various Prostate Cancer Treatment

3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy is the perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western precision medicine. 3D Precision & Targeted Therapy treats not only prostate tumor, but also the cause of the prostate cancer, and improves and restores the patient's holistic health and ecological environment, so once you are cured, your original disease will not relapse. 

The traditional treatments of the prostate cancer include active surveillance, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or the comprehensive use of the above-mentioned ones. As to the most suitable treatment, patients should consider the extent of tumor invasion (also called the stage), the malignant degree of the cancer cells, PSA concentration in the blood, etc. At the same time, the patients must consider their age, physical fitness, and respect their choice. In addition, the traditional treatment is only to treat prostate tumor, which can do nothing to effectively treat the causes of prostate cancer, and may have serious side effects, inhibit and destroy the patient's holistic health and ecological environment, so the original disease is easily repeated. People must find a balance between efficacy and quality of life when they choose a treatment. 

1) 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy has many superior features, and the most obvious one is its degree of non-invasiveness and the use of medicines which cause no side-effects. It is a superior and proven treatment protocol for prostate cancer.

Our 3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy is a scientific and natural therapy. It is highly efficient and safe, and it has a short treatment period and a consolidated cure effect with no significant pain nor negative side effects. Our 3D Prostate Cancer Treatment is a method that treats prostate tumor and the cause of prostate cancer, and improves and restores the patient's holistic health and ecological environment, so once you are cured, your original disease will not relapse. 3D Prostate Precision & Targeted Treatment neither has any side effects, nor causes any damage to the prostate and holistic health.

3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy is suitable to various types of prostate cancer patients including ones who have received other prostate cancer treatments before but failed. Patients who received our treatments say they have not had experience any significant pain. Their energy level, appetite, and sleep quality get improved greatly. Also, they were able to see many carcinogenic materials being discharged in their urine during the treatment. After the 1-2 course(s)’ treatment, the patients' prostate tumor can be completely atrophy through DRE, TRUS, or MRI examination.. At the same time, their symptoms are also obviously improved or disappeared.

2) Surgery: the prostatectomy is an operation which doctors remove the prostate, while the radical prostatectomy is to remove the prostate as well as the surrounding tissues.

The radical prostatectomy is commonly used in the early stage of prostate cancer or to patients who have poor radiotherapy effect, and it is rather effective to patients whose tumor is confined in the prostate; however, during the surgery, it is inevitable that some nerves, vessels and other tissues get injured, affecting patients’ life quality, and the most common complications are erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. In addition, the surgery can’t eliminate the etiological factors of prostate cancer, nor improve the patient's holistic health and ecological environment. Therefore, about half of the patients will get a relapse in 5-10 years after surgery.

3) Radiation therapy includes the proton therapy: by using high-energy rays (similar to X-rays) to kill the cancer. There are two types of the radiation therapy-external radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy). For the former, it is a machine outside the body that directs radiation at the cancer cells; for the latter, it is the radioactive seeds or pellets that are surgically placed into or near the cancer to destroy the cancer cells.

The radiation therapy is commonly used in the early stage of prostate cancer, or used as the adjuvant treatment for the already spread prostate cancer. The long-term adverse effects of the radiotherapy include radioactive enteritis, radioactive cystitis, radioactive prostatitis, and erectile dysfunction. In addition, the radiation therapy can’t remove the etiological factors of prostate cancer, nor improve the patient's holistic health and ecological environment. Therefore, about half of the patients will get a relapse in 5-10 years after the radiation therapy.

4) Hormone therapy: it includes the surgical removal of the testicles and the anti-androgen medicine treatment. It is commonly used to improve the symptoms of the patients whose prostate cancer has spread and been at the late stage, but it cannot prolong their survivals. It is also used as the adjuvant therapy for patients who have undergone the radiotherapy or surgery.

Hormone therapy is to make the prostatic cells unable to get dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and make the prostate cells including cancerous cells stop growth, and thus reduce the PSA. However, the hormone therapy can’t eliminate cancerous cells that finally can’t cure prostate cancer. After 1 to 2 years, the cancer will be resistant to hormone therapy. In addition, hormone therapy could not eliminate the etiological factors of prostate cancer nor improve the patient's holistic health and ecological environment. Therefore, after stopping the treatment, the patient will get a relapse soon. The side effects of the hormone therapy include anemia, hot flashes, osteoporosis, decreased muscle strength, cardiovascular side effects, breast feminization, sexual dysfunction, mental decline, mental disorders, and mental depression, etc.

5) Chemotherapy: it is to use special drugs to shrink or kill the cancer. The drugs can be pills you take or medicines given through your veins, or, sometimes, both.

Chemotherapy is normally suitable to the hormone independent prostate cancer patients. The clinical studies have shown that chemotherapy can prolong patients’ survival period and control symptoms, while its main side effects are the decrease of immunity, the inhibition of bone marrow, damages of liver and kidney functions, and gastrointestinal toxicity, etc. In addition chemotherapy can not eliminate the cause of prostate cancer nor improve the patient’s holistic health and ecological environment. Therefore, the patient will relapse easily after stopping this treatment.

The main manifestations of the failure of tumor therapy are tumor metastasis and its recurrence. New research suggests that some common tumor cells evolve into cancer stem cells after DNA gets damaged from chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and this is the underlying cause of cancer therapy failure.

6) Biological therapy: It works with your body's immune system to help it fight against cancer or to control side effects from other cancer treatment. For the side effects, it is how your body reacts to drugs or other treatment.

Biological therapy includes monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, gene therapy, and somatic cell immunotherapy, etc. Most of these treatments are currently in the clinical research stage which have not been approved by national FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

7) Complementary and Alternative Medicines:

Complementary and alternative medicines are medicines and health practices that are not standard cancer treatments. Complementary medicine is used besides standard treatments, and the alternative medicine is used instead of standard treatments. Meditation, yoga, and supplements like vitamins and herbs are some examples. Most of the complementary and alternative medicines have not side effects but improve the patient's holistic health and ecological environment which can be regarded as the adjuvant treatment of prostate cancer. However, the complementary and alternative medicines can’t clean away the etiological factors of prostate cancer and the cancerous cells, therefore, they can’t cure prostate cancer.

8) Chinese Medicine Treatment: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment is suitable to various types of prostate cancer with less side effects, and it is currently mainly regarded as the adjuvant treatment for other treatments to reduce side effects from the radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The principle of treating cancer in traditional Chinese medicine is Fuzheng and Quxie, which means TCM is used to treat cancer by improving the patient's holistic health and ecological environment, strengthening the ability to resist disease. At the same time, TCM uses some herbal medicines to inhibit and kill cancer cells. The disadvantage of TCM treatment is the lack of precision in the treatment of local tumor and cancer cells. Therefore, Chinese medicines has a longer course for cancer treatment.

3D Prostate Cancer Precision & Targeted Therapy is the perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western precision medicine. Through using the liposomal carrier and Precision & Targeted treatment technique, the problem that anti-cancerous herbal medicine is lack of precision is solved.
  Indication Eliminate



Cancer Cells



The Cause




Holistic Health



Side Effects Tumor Recurrence
3D Therapy


 I - IV  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  <10%
Surgeryy  I - II   Yes  NO    NO  Yes  50%
Radiation Therapyy

(Including Proton Therapy)

 I - III  Yes  Yes    NO  Yes  50%
Hormone Therapyy  III - IV  NO  NO    NO  Yes  95%
Chemotherapyy  III - IV  NO  Yes    NO  Yes  95%
Complementary Medicinee  I - IV  NO  NO    Yes  NO  95%

Is Proton Therapy really That Magical ??

A proton is a particle with a positive charge after the hydrogen atom is stripped of electrons. Proton therapy is a kind of radiotherapy. In 1954, C. A. Tobias and others conducted the world's first cancer patient’s proton therapy at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States. Proton radiotherapy, which theoretically has more intense and concentrated beams, may reduce the chance of complications. However, due to the concentration of energy, proton therapy is sensitive to the transient displacement of the patient's body shape, organ or tumor. As a result, there is no evidence that proton radiation therapy can reduce side effects or increase the chances of controlling cancer. The most important part of radiotherapy is the long-term side effects, so far we haven't seen a long-term follow-up report on the Proton therapy efficacy.

The new study, published in the Journal of the US National Cancer Institute (JNCI), has compared the efficacy of proton therapy with the current intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), and the results show fewer side effects of proton radiotherapy in the urinary system 6 months after treatment, but this advantage disappears at 12 months. A database of the US Epidemiological monitoring body (Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program of the National Cancer Institute) shows that patients who have received proton therapy have higher gastrointestinal toxicity. The official statement by the ASTRO (American Society of Radiation Oncology) and the latest paper published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute conclude that the proton therapy has no difference from the therapeutic effect of intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), except that it is significantly more expensive. The major media in Europe and the United States have in-depth and extensive reports that proton therapy for prostate cancer has been proven to be similar to the effects of the general radiotherapy in addition to its expensive fee, but there may be more side effects.
( http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/27/us-prostate-therapy-idUSBRE8BQ0IJ20121227  )

As the payment for the health insurance is less and less, it is more difficult for hospitals to survive. Only when new medical care is to be introduced, more patients can be attracted and there exist self-paying projects to maintain the competitiveness of hospitals. The news advertisement of the proton radiotherapy has been boasting that it is the most effective and cutting-edge tumor precision radiotherapy technique with minimal side effects.

The Relationship between PSA and Prostate Cancer

Cancer screening means looking for cancer before it causes symptoms. At present, many medical institutions mainly use PSA to screen prostate cancer. Normally a PSA>4 ug/L result is the critical value that is used to screen prostate cancer. When the PSA result is between 4 to 10ug/L, it is called the grey area, it can indicate prostate cancer or prostate enlargement. When the PSA result is over 10ug/L, the possibility of prostate cancer is almost for certain. 

Dr. Song and the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic based on many researches believes that PSA is not an ideal marker for prostate cancer, and it will not be used in diagnosing cancer for patients at the early stage. But it can still be used as a secondary marker for patients at the later stage to help confirm whether the disease is present. 

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is a specific protein of about 34,000 molecules compounded and secreted by prostatic epithelial cells to the seminal fluid and it is one of the main components of seminal plasma. “PSA can decompose the colloidal protein in the seminal fluid, and it plays a role in diluting the seminal fluid. If PSA secretion is too low, the liquefaction time of seminal fluid will increase, causing male infertility. Therefore, PSA is a normal physiological substance secreted by human prostatic acinus and epithelial cells of prostatic ducts. PSA is not a carcinogenic substance.

In a normal prostatic ductal system, there exists a vascular-epithelial barrier and prostate envelop barrier. These barriers prevent the PSA produced by the prostate epithelium from directly entering the blood. Thus, a low concentration of serum PSA is maintained. A PSA less than 4.0 nanogram is considered normal.

According to Dr. Song’s opinion, two factors closely related to the serum PSA concentration are the prostate vascular-epithelial barrier and prostate envelop barrier and the prostate epithelial secretion. 

The prostatic vascular-epithelial barrier and prostate envelop barrier directly affect serum PSA levels. Malignant and non-malignant pathological changes that damage the prostate vascular-epithelial barrier and prostate envelop barrier can cause serum PSA elevation.

Prostate cancer often causes malignant pathological changes to occur. “At the first and second clinical stages of prostate cancer, if the prostate cancer does not damage the prostate vascular-epithelial barrier nor prostate envelop barrier, the serum PSA concentration will usually remain within the normal range or will not rise higher than 10 nanograms. At the third and fourth clinical stages of prostate cancer, the prostate tumor damages the prostate vascular-epithelial barrier and prostate envelop barrier, causing the serum PSA dramatically elevation. If the prostate cancer severely damages the prostate vascular-epithelial barrier and prostate envelop barrier, the barriers can not be restored. In this case, the reduction of the serum PSA concentration is slow or does not reduce continuously after the prostate cancer cells and tumors are effectively killed and cleared away.

Non-malignant pathological changes include prostatitis, BPH, acute urinary retention, ejaculation, prostate massage, prostate biopsy, and trans-urethral resection of the prostate. If the non-malignant pathological changes have affected and damaged the prostate vascular-epithelial barrier and prostate envelop barrier, the changes can cause an increase in serum PSA concentration. “If the non-malignant lesions are broken down and cleared away without severe damage to the barriers, the barriers can recover quickly. The serum PSA concentration should gradually return to normal.

The concentration of PSA compounded and secreted by the prostatic epithelial cells, is controlled by the endocrine hormones; especially androgens, estradiol, and prolactin. The prostate contains abundant sexual hormone receptors. Any factor affecting the pituitary gland, adrenal gland, and testis axis that causes endocrine hormone disorder can affect the serum PSA concentration.

Most patients with metastatic prostate cancer have had endocrine hormone disorders, and their prostate vascular-epithelial barrier and prostate envelop barrier have got serious damage that it is very difficult to recover. Even though the prostatic cells and tumors are effectively killed and cleaned away, the concentration of serum PSA can not be restored to normal.

Minimizing the Effects of Prostate Cancer

As a sufferer of prostate cancer, there are some significant things you can do to minimize the effects until you can receive treatment at our 3D clinic.

1)Maintain safe and reasonable treatments, and medicines, without harmful side effects: Avoid treatments that are favorable to prostate cancer, as much as possible, including toxic medicines or drugs with adverse side effects, excessive surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

2)Maintain your psychological health: Psychological tension and excessive mental stress are catalysts for the occurrence and metastasis of cancer cells in the body. Stress and excessive excitement and depression can lead to elevated levels of adrenocortical hormones, which can reduce the body's immunity creating a vulnerability to various diseases including cancer. Cancer patients who receive psychotherapy during their illness, and often receive positive encouraged from relatives and friends, generally obtain good treatment results.

3)Maintain aerobic exercise every day: Exercise causes the human body to inhale oxygen several dozens of times more than usual. People at rest intake about 4-7 liters of oxygen per minute. While doing exercise, oxygen intake can reach more than 100 liters. The increase in oxygen uptake and the frequent exchange of gases can excrete some carcinogens from the body. Also, the increase in oxygen can change, for the better, the hypoxia microenvironment of tumor in vivo. Patients can change the microenvironment of tumor growth in vivo by drinking Ozone generated water and inhaling negative Ion Air.

4)Maintain good sleep: At night, the body produces melatonin. The property of melatonin antioxidants protects normal cellular DNA from damage caused by carcinogens in the body. Melatonin also inhibits the production of estrogen, which promotes the growth and development of certain tumors.

5)Maintain a reasonable healthy diet: According to the World Health Organization, diet is related to 30% to 40% of male cancers and 60% of female cancers. People should eat yellow and green vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. Reduce your intake of high-salt foods, eat less pickled and marinated food, and avoid moldy foods and high-fat foods. Fat intake should be below 30% of the total daily calories. High-fat diets and obesity can cause endocrine hormone disorders, which are associated with male prostate cancer and female breast cancer.

6)Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Changing bad habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the most effective and economical ways to prevent the occurrence and metastasis of cancer.

Experts Put Forward 10 Proposals for Preventing Cancer Through Reasonable Living and Eating Habits

1)Stop smoking and do not drink alcohol. If you do drink alcohol, restrict intake.

2)Avoid excessive sun exposure.

3)Increase your physical activity. Adhere to physical exercise, and avoid obesity.

4)Keep your mind open, avoid sulking, and keep yourself in a good mood.

5)Make grains, cereals, beans, and sweet potatoes as your main staple foods. Match raw and fiber foods properly.

6)Reduce meat intake and avoid animal fat.

7)Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits with vitamins A, C, and E. Eat dark leafy vegetables, carrot, and tomatoes. These can reduce the risk of many common cancers.

8)Food storage should be mildew proof and do not eat moldy food.

9)The cooking method should be scientific. Eat less salt and pickled food. Do not eat smoked, fired, fried, charred, or very spicy-hot food.

10)Protect your environmental health by reducing indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Prostate Anti-Cancer Diet

When you're under treatment for cancer, it is more important than ever to eat correctly and get adequate nutrition. However, adhering to a balanced anti-cancer diet can be difficult. Your body is working overtime to fight cancer. It is also doing extra duty to repair healthy cells damaged by cancer. And, you may be suffering from the side effects of other treatments, such as hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation. These treatments have many severe side effects. They can drain your strength and reduce your appetite. It is important to make sure you are getting all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need to keep a balanced anti-cancer diet. We suggest the following:

1)Participate in regular exercise; walking is the best.

2)Limit your calorie intake. Excess calories aid cancer growth; only eat what you need to get you to the next meal. Avoid the style of eating all you can as if you are never going to eat again.

3)Daily amounts of sunshine are important. Dark-skin people require more sunshine per day.

4)Eat a variety of foods (increase diversity); it is important.

5)Remember supplements are supplements. They are not intended to replace good food. Their purpose is to supplement an intelligent diet. Supplements alone are a poor alternative to eating foods that are high in the desired nutrients.

Nutritional Recommendations:

The two diets known to be associated with longevity and reduced the risk for prostate cancer are the traditional Japanese diet and Southern Mediterranean diet. The Japanese diet is high in green tea, soy, vegetables, and fish, as well as low in calories and fat. The Mediterranean diet is high in fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, grapes, and fish. Both are low in red meat. Specifically, you should incorporate the following principles when reevaluating your daily diet:

1)Reduce animal fat in your diet. Studies show that excess fat, primarily red meat and high-fat dairy, stimulates prostate cancer growth.

2)Avoid trans fatty acids, which are known to promote cancer growth. These include margarine, hydrogenated oils, and fried and baked foods.

3)Increase your fresh fish intake. Eat fish that are high in the very beneficial alpha omega-3 fatty acids. Ideally eat cold-water fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, and trout, at least two to three times a week. The fish should be poached, baked, or grilled (not burned, charred or smoked). Avoid fried fish.

4)Significantly increase your daily consumption of fresh fruit, herbs, and vegetable. Powerful anticancer nutrients are being discovered regularly in colorful fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, berries, and seeds.

5)Avoid high-calcium diets. These have been shown to stimulate prostate cancer growth.

6)Take a multivitamin with B complex and folic acid daily.

7)Avoid high-dose zinc supplements.

8)Increase your natural vitamin C consumption, and this includes citrus, berries, spinach, cantaloupe, sweet peppers, and mango.

9)Drink green tea several times each week.

10)Avoid preserved, pickled, and salted foods.

11)Eat red grapes and drink red grape juice regularly.

12)Eat leafy dark-green vegetables frequently.

13)Eat cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, garden cress, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and similar green leafy vegetables. They are cancer protective.

14)Tomatoes and especially tomato products are very high in lycopene, a powerful anticancer substance. These include tomato sauce and tomato paste.

15)Avoid flaxseed oil. It can stimulate prostate cancer to grow. You can obtain the very healthy alpha omega-3 fatty acids you need through fresh fish and nuts.

16)Use olive oil, which is very healthy and rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Avocado oil is also good. Avoid oils high in polyunsaturated fats, such as corn, canola, and soybean.

17)Take vitamin E, 50 to 100 IU of gamma and d-alpha, only with the approval of your doctor. Natural sources include nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado oil, wheat germ, and peas.

18)Selenium is a very powerful antioxidant and the backbone molecule of your body's immune system. Most studies support a daily selenium supplement of 200 micrograms a day. Natural sources include Brazil nuts, fresh fish, grains, mushrooms, wheat germ, bran, whole-wheat bread, oats, and brown rice.

Prostate Cancer Patient’s Testimonial

Note:The authors wish us post these testimonials on our website exactly as below and do not include their contact information unless someone specifically asks for it. You can get contact information for some authors from the clinic. If this does not convince the reader, contacting them will not.

Mr. Don Funk from Saskatoon, Sask. Canada


Research of Mega Side Effects

of Needle Biopsy Radiation & Surgery

Greeting & Welcome to Dr. Song’s 3D Prostate Clinic



Men - we have to learn to Advocate for ourselves when we visit a urologist, and ask for other options, they attempt to claim there are no other options, that is an untruthful statement. Educate yourself, investigate and research the internet.  In my humble opinion they do not get incentized for suggesting other options, rather they want to go to the needle biopsy, use the knife or nuke you, and return you to a baby state like that at birth.

Read on – following are treasures and great insights and miracles.

This is the single BEST kept SECRET for Prostate Health Restoration for Men in the WORLD. Period!


My Name is Don Funk from Saskatoon, Sask. Canada

*I realized that a Prostate issue was on the horizon, so I requested a referral to a urologist from my family doctor.

* I arranged for an appointment. Upon my arrival after a some small talk I requested an MRI to determine the condition and state my prostate was at.

*I was shocked at the fact that the urologist outright denied  me from having an MRI. His basis for this was my PSA did not warrant it, yet at one point my PSA was at 9.1 – Unbelievable!   Our health system in Canada comes at no cost to all residents of Canada. The Urologist claimed that my total PSA numbers did not really justify the usage since other “more seriously ill” waiting patients would be delayed.

* Men NEVER allow this to take place, stick to your demand or request. Let me explain. He indicated that it would be best just to “monitor” the PSA numbers. Looking back, I felt cheated, mis-used, since in my humble opinion they are more interest in themselves, instead me as a patient. One year, eight months later I demanded an MRI, and to my shock and surprise there was no issue, Zero, in getting an MRI?   What in the “H” had changed? So now the MRI results indicated the prostate and jumped approximately 6 times to 144 CC.

*I am deeply and greatly disappointed that it had expanding that rapidly. To my disgust I realized that what I had been thinking about was actually taking place. The Urologist indicated that a needle biopsy would be the next step. I immediately asked if there were other options other than the needle biopsy. To my best recollection he indicated that there were no other options. I informed him that my sister had worked for a urologist for more than ten years. I felt in my option he was more interested in his bank account then me a human being seeking help. Her insight provided me with a completely different perspective. For them it is all about keeping the lid down tight to avoid any “damage control” which is often talked about in their circles.

Furthermore, no expanded testing to confirm the findings, no education or little at least to address what the journey would consist of other then their ugly go to approach, recommending or strongly suggesting and going immediately to needle biopsy.  There are other tests or processes, since needle biopsies have side effects which I have addressed below.

Have you, as a male, ever examined the side effects of the nuking and the knife?  We revert to becoming a baby again; divorce is part of the new data’s side effects. Eliminating what the Creator designed us with.  Men - avoid this at all costs if possible - because in all too many cases the side effects can still result with the cancer continuing to destroy one’s body and our life.  Dr. Song’s miracle cure comes with no side effects and allows you to function as a male of your youth.

Later I realized and discovered there are other processes one can ask for to determine and confirm the actual prostate condition. A  clear fluid  can be obtain from the prostate by doing a firmer massage, and then place this clear fluid under the microscope and then do a comparison with a healthy prostate.  In my case this clearly displayed I had serious issues. And a have copies of those ugly finding [slides] the staff showed me. Wow! you do not need a needle biopsy.

Another alternative approach is obtaining a live semen test, which will confirm what your status is. Wow!  What about an ultrasound versus the needle biopsy with its side effects? Go and Google biopsy side effects.  I my case, prior to travelling to the 3d prostate clinic, I requested an extended blood test for viruses and bacteria. All I received here was a Hep A, B and C.


The first thing that happens, after you land in China, the following morning you are off to doing a thorough blood test. The extended blood test revealed I had three viruses that were right off the spec chart and (one) nearly 200% higher than normal. A bacteria and the 3 viruses could not handle the attack on my immune system. These results do not give one a lot confidence. Men from all around the world are shocked that one has to fly to a different country to get the facts that tell the story and in the process get a cure.   

Speaking with Dr. Song he indicated that these had caused my cancerous prostate. By performing a rectal Ultrasound check confirms the health of ones prostate. Again with zero side effects, isn’t that interesting.

So in my pursuit to explore other options, I Googled the alternative options and found the 3D Prostate Clinic. This amazing prostate clinic offers a completely different approach that focuses on a cure versus the nuking and the knife procedure that have mega side effects and leads to other alternatives that are not very attractive.

Ask the urologist what the stats are on recurring side effects where cancer has come back.

Men, I want to get your attention.  Investigate and educate yourself, explore the pros and cons and I can assure you the over-whelming evidence will  stagger you and shock you into the reality of the side effects.



The most common risk factors include infection and bleeding. Other risks include blood in the semen or urine, discomfort in the area of surgery for a few days, and difficulty urinating. To help prevent further complications after the biopsy, men should look out for these signs: prolonged or heavy bleeding.  May 24, 2017 Mayo Clinic

What are the potential Side EFFECTS of radiation and surgery?

· Frequent  urination

· Uncontrolled urination – urination leakage diapers often for life

· Blood in the urine

· Abdominal cramping

· Diarrhea

· Painful bowl movement

· Recital leaking

· Fatigue

· Sexual dysfunctional, including diminished erection or decrease in volume

· Skin reaction [similar to sun burn]

· Secondary cancer in the radiation

· Rectal inflammation

· Cystitis bladder infection

· Narrowing of the urethra  or rectum

· Development of ulcers in the rectum

· Damage to blood vessels

· Damage to nerves after radiation

· Erectile  dysfunction with delay and decline

· Recurrence of cancer after robotic surgery

· After surgery, radiation treatment caused to burn a hole in my friend’s bladder

· Unexplained weight loss

· Begin proliferation in an uncontrolled way of enlarging  of prostate because the urologist is “monitoring”  the  prostate which in my case grew nearly 6 times the size of normal prostate 144 cc in size

· Prostate inflammation, infection , or trauma

· Scarring as direct result

· Blood in the urine an or semen

· Painful ejaculation

· Swelling in pelvic area or legs

· Affects the real Quality of Life, the Quality of your relationship with your partner. Constantly doubting

· Low or no sex drive, loss of penis length, decreased and or dry orgasm

· Right after surgery you will experience bruising and swelling

· After Prostate surgery another side effect is lack of bowel movement, it could, or according the website language and I quote, “This Usually gets better after one or two weeks. Note the word “usually”.

· You will probably be able to go back to work or your usual activities 3 to 5 weeks after surgery, but it could take longer to fully recover.

· You will need to visit your doctor regularly. Just a constant reminder. This includes having blood tests to measure your PSA.

· Anger caused by erectile dysfunction can be directed against oneself or against their partner. If he fears failure, the man can avoid all sexual activity. This reaction may be detrimental to their relationship as a couple—his partner may believe that she has become less attractive, that she no longer excites him, or that she is getting old. Wives sometimes question their husbands—is he having an affair? This situation can lead to feelings of rejection.

· Recurrence of Prostate cancer after robotic surgery.  With initial treatment you had high hopes for a complete cure.  A rise in PSA after treatment can leave you wondering if that is still possible. The Short answer is “Yes.” Recurrent prostate cancer is more common than you think. There are families that are witnessing this.

What are the chances of prostate cancer returning after treatment surgery?

Treating Prostate Cancer That Doesn’t Go Away or Comes Back After Treatment [right off the net]

If your prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood level shows that your prostate cancer has not been cured or has come back (recurred) after the initial treatment, further treatment can often still be helpful. Follow-up treatment will depend on where the cancer is thought to be and what treatment(s) you've already had. Imaging tests such as CTMRI, or bone scans may be done to get a better idea about where the cancer is.

Cancer that is still thought to be in or around prostate

If the cancer is still thought to be just in the area of the prostate, a second attempt to cure the cancer might be possible.

After surgery: If you’ve had a radical prostatectomyradiation therapy might be an option, sometimes along with hormone therapy. [really?]

After radiation therapy: If your first treatment was radiation, treatment options might include cryotherapy or radical prostatectomy, but when these treatments are done after radiation, they carry a higher risk for side effects such as incontinence. Having radiation therapy again is usually not an option because of the increased potential for serious side effects, although in some cases brachytherapy may be an option as a second treatment after external radiation.

Sometimes it might not be clear exactly where the remaining cancer is in the body. If the only sign of cancer recurrence is a rising PSA level (as opposed to the cancer being seen on imaging tests), another option for some men might be active surveillance instead of active treatment. Prostate cancer often grows slowly, so even if it does come back, it might not cause problems for many years, at which time further treatment could then be considered.

Is the above statement very informing that surgery does not eliminate cancer?

So Why Not Book your Appointment to be cured from cancer.

Contact Dr. Song’s 3 D Prostate for a Cure 


Contact Alisa Wong  -   [email protected]

Contact me at email [email protected] 

tel 306 652 4305 or cell 306 221-7784

Study: Fortunately, the five years survival rate for men with localized prostate cancer is nearly 100 percent. Although up to 40 % of men will experience a recurrence, so it is important to understand your risk for recurrence as well as your life after cancer.

PSA is a substance that can suggest whether your cancer has returned. PSA tests are usually done more often for the first several years after your surgery, but less often after that.

Dr. Song’s “Cure” is a process that is Not Destructive in any manner

Having cancer is scary. You may feel many emotions and need some help in coping.

Look there is hope, read on.

Notice: No side effects, no surgery, no nuking and no toxic pills, just precision targeted anti-cancer injections that begin to see particles releasing within 10- days to two weeks.  The cancer cells will begin to decompose - the cancer cells are eradiated, releasing them and beginning the Discharging of killed dead cancer cells, with an anti-cancer Chinese Herbal Blend.  Particles are being flushed out with large amounts of water. [Must drink more than normal like 4000 to 5000 ml.]

Additional concentrated medicines via an IV drip begin to kill/destroy bacteria, anti-viral and unblocking agents that kill off the pathogens and decompose the cancer cells in weeks.

These powerful and effective Chinese herbal med’s completely destroy the viruses and bacteria that cause the prostate condition in many cases. As in my case.


Ask yourself, your home cost money, your vehicles, you’re RVS, your boat, your motorbike and cabins or winter homes in warmer climates. Health is important, do not delay the trip, book the trip and receive a miracle. It’s never too late, the sooner  you book the better it will be.

After you read the testimonials call the office and get some references of people in your country.

The testimonials are very encouraging.  Some may question whether testimonials are fake or have been manipulated.  They are not.   They are freely given and proudly given strictly because the results are life changing.  The evidence is right before one’s eye and one can clearly witness the evidence of cancer cells  rapidly leaving the infected prostate and restoring ones health without any side effects.

Speaking with former patients from Dr. Song’s cure treatment it becomes very apparent that targeted treatments are revolutionary, ground breaking.  Dr. Song has pioneered processes that can be best descripted as Miraculous that cure cancer and yet maintaining all the normal male functions that we were created with.


To begin with this treatment is a life changing amazing ride of a lifetime and it comes with Zero side effects.

It’s a joy going for treatments every day to the boy’s club, because you quickly realize with changes for the next ten days or two weeks that the cancer/ tumor things will become a thing of the past and the body will be going through a trans-formation that you will know for sure this was the right choice and only choice of amazing options to put your health back on the right track.

1.  Blood work:  Right after blood work you will say, Wow! This reveals if you are infected with a virus and/or bacteria that your immune system cannot handle which are all part of your problem. Once that has been dealt with, as in my case, the tests revealed numerous viruses that were off the charts. Likewise, with bacteria – the culture was identified as Staphylococcus Aurens and growing in its own Culture for the wrong reason.

I had abnormal blood disorders, Herpes Simplex Virus Antibody; most people have this Cytomegaloviruses Antibody, Rubella Virus Antibody, Follicle-stimulating Hormone and Low Density, Prolactin and Lipoprotein Cholestenone. That did not sound great. What is even more alarming doctors in most cases do not investigate the bigger picture of one’s health, which is very sad, disappointing and unbelievable?

2.  Once the doctor has reviewed these results with you, you are placed on a twenty-day I.V. drip treatment to destroy these damaging viruses and bacteria. Immediately, the doctor will   order three to four bottles for twenty consecutive days - one bottle for the virus; one bottle for the bacteria; one bottle for infection fighting and another bottle for building up your immune system. This is virtually never part of the western world’s testing procedure.

3. The next step is to review the Digital Rectal ultrasound examination [again which in a great percentage of cases is not part of the “usual” investigation].  Here he finds very obvious swelling, harder texture that was obviously pressing and causing pain; a tumor nodule and explained and confirmed exactly what the test is revealing and confirms. Thus Dr. Song continues to educate and inform you so you clearly understand where your current health situation is at.

Trans-Rectal Ultrasound found three cancer tumors size 19 x 16 mm, 19 x 15mm and 9 x 7 m. The last two were protruding into the bladder. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia [its volume 120ml and half was protruded towards the bladder] and Prostate Calcification that had become very hard with limited blood flow.

4. Then Dr. Song takes a fluid sample. This fluid was placed under the microscope.  Wow, in my case I was amazed with the finding of how badly I was infected. [I feel very strongly about the fact that very little education happens with conventional doctor visits. I personally feel very disappointed that these steps and processes leave us in dark. All of these steps provide value information, however they immediately go for the needle biopsy, which you can Google as see the multiply side effects.]  

Dr. Song  will also do a deeper massage of the prostate to capture a clear or white fluid. This fluid is then taken to the lab and places this under a microscope which reveals what I call as ugly.  No wonder I was where I was.  

This is another positive and a procedure that again is not part of the conventional doctors’ protocol. Once again, in the greatest number of men from around the world never has this type of test been done.  

Question:  And why not? This requires an answer. Once again, the needle biopsy has side effects, [Google side effects caused by needle biopsy] however I personally would not have this done, since my sister worked for a urologist, and I now fortunately understand the other side that we as patients don’t hear about. Question, is it about damage control? In all likelihood this is never or very seldom talked about with the patient[s]. In my personal involvement I feel I was not informed about the real big picture about all the side effects that in my case, blows me away. You may ask the question why? Well, you probably don’t really want to know. If you want to know about your personal situation you can call and talk about your personal journey with Dr. Song’s office and they will gladly provide you positive options without side effects. Ask them for my cell number, email, etc. so we can frankly talk about what can transpire as a result of choosing Dr. Song’s miracle processes.

Looking back I feel I that if I would gone ahead blindfolded I would been a guinea pig, and still would have had to deal with all the side effects.  When you Google “side effects” and see all the other related information it will blow your mind.   

5. From this point on you will receive two daily treatments with needle injections of an anti-cancer fighting agent with possible additional agents to restore your complete health. One needle is injected on the left side and the other on the right side of your prostate.

The needles are 10ml for each side. The needles are very fine thus there is a tiny prick which is somewhat like that of a mosquito bite. I guarantee the knife will be much more painful and still have side effects and change one’s life.  Like one individual said, “Going the western world route I will become a baby for the second time.”  When the anti-cancer fluid is pushed into the prostate it will be slightly uncomfor-table, a bit of pressure, but not painful.

In my case my prostate was 144cc [MRI] in size and was inflamed so it was sore and after the first days the soreness was leaving the prostate.

6. As the treatment begins, within a week to ten days, you are encouraged to capture urine in clear container or plastic water bottle and lift it up against a bright light. You’ll be amazed at seeing tiny particles beginning to be released. Each individual after receiving the above mentioned range of treatments were utterly amazed.

In my personal situation I had a massive release on the exact two week period. I had the treatment and had to go to the washroom, I was blown away by what I witnessing as a massive release. It was like I had taken a ¼ pound of ground raw hamburger and thrown it into the complete area of the toilet bowl. I was so excited seeing this empirical evidence that had been decomposed, releasing and discharged dead cancer cells leaving my prostate. I was so excited I failed to take a photo; however, seeing is believing.  

Within a ten minute or less time-frame I was back in the washroom, and this time I discharged a black dead cancer cell, which amazed - the size was like the pinky finger nail. I quickly pulled my cell phone out and captured the actual size which surprised me that it could have left the body. There was no pain associated the release of this size and for the moment could not believe what I just witnessed. However, there is more to this, it was ½ inch in length. This exact process with another repeated its self with the same size of length and the width was approximately and little larger than the lead in writing pencil.

This was all happening so quickly so Dr. Song decided to insert a catheter. The catheter was inserted without an issue and since my prostate size [144cc] and one of the cancer tumors was seated in the neck of the bladder thus blocking the entry into the bladder. So it was removed only to find an approximately 4 cm or 1 inch.  This was so exciting to witness and with a few more attempts another miracle took place whereby it passed into the bladder. There was daily release and discharge for the remaining six weeks. After two weeks the catheter was removed because the discharge became more normal. As a result the cancer tumor after six weeks disappeared with only a little amount of the shell remaining.

7. Another amazing treatment Dr. Song offers is oral anti-cancer [powder mixed with a glass of water] continues to kill and destroy any remaining cancer cells. This anti-cancer drinking is required to taken for 90 days after leaving the clinic, or until it is completely used up.

Elevation of Treatment

My experience within a week or so was amazing.  Men - what happened to me can be best descripted as a Miracle taking place before my eyes. Everyone’s experience at the clinic was over the top. All of the men there were of the same mindset. Their vibes were beyond everyone’s imagation.  

I my case I knew for sure that this treatment was for real. Some guys I spoke with before making up my mind, echoed the same, a few of them stated “this DOCTOR at the CLINIC SAVED MY LIFE.”  Dr. Song will change the status of your prostate health situation; and you will leave as an evangelist for this clinic. I have already become that because men need hope, that is so important to the whole family.


*He truly is an amazing specialist – a “Miracle Marker”.

*He separates himself from all those who think they have a cure.  He is constantly performing miracles that cannot

be denied, and are not repeatable by others.

*He is passionate in attempting to and actually helping the helpless. 

*He is transforming men’s lives that trapped in their own bodies, which is a fact, since prostate cancer is the #2 or #3 cause of mens’ death in the world depending on a few counties

*He displays an attitude that is so humbling and refreshing

*They as a team, which includes a young gentleman, set the stage for the next generation, along with Alisa and Cindy who are just caring and helpful in assisting and providing unlimited help to make the experience memorable in all ways.

*probably no two men’s circumstances or situations are the same, but with their experience they can identify and tailor the treatment that addresses your special need.

In Comparison to the rest of the world, Dr. Song and his team are totally and completely concerned about you and restoring your Prostate health to give you a Quality of Health one can only dream of. The treatment cures without side effects. I mean zero side effects and my case was very rare.

Once again, the radiation and robotic surgery etc. have side effects which you get for “free”. One individual at the clinic had robotic surgery and radiation done and after only a few months had his PSA rising again, when he met an individual in the “support group” who had experienced the amazing cure treatment from Dr. Song. So he came to Dr. Song AFTER the conventional treatment.   [Go on the web and Google side effects of surgery and radiation, yet you lost part of what you were designed to have and to be an active male for those intimate experiences of life not only for yourself, but also for your wife, partner and significant other. Unreal and sadly believable because it is happening.]

Make a positive life change experience.

* Dr. Song is a scientist and researcher who brings extensive experience that can determine the cause and type of prostate cancer and other symptom origins, be it be it genetic, virus and or unprotected sex from infected partner. He also determines the approximate time frame of when this journey of yours began.

* His success rate is 95% so who would YOU trust as your first choice? Others could only wish and dream for those results

I have journaled and mapped my daily process and captured this with pictures and videos. Simply put, seeing is believing. This provides empirical evidence, unbelievable evidence for the unbelievers. Urologists and other individuals who read these amazing testimonials believe them to be fake, manufactured and given under pressure, or they indicate “let’s not talk about it”, in other words sweep it under the rug. We are taught to have open minds, they want to keep this quiet and yet in other cases say, “let’s just revert to damage control mode.”  

Guys there are precious few options, elect this one and change your life, while Dr. Song continues to write amazing life changing miracles.

Other Benedfits

Quality of Life and life style.

Quality of renewed life as our Creator designed us to be.

Quality of Peace and Mind.

Quality of return to newness of one’s youth.


Place your Prostate renewal in the confidence of Dr. Song’s hands, his minefield of knowledge, and his experience for a cure.

What a pleasure and real joy to have had this experience, which was so amazing, with Zero side effects and having an experience worth a lifetime of treasures.

Don Funk

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Email: [email protected] 

Write me and I will get you my telephone and cell

God Bless You


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John Bradley from South Carolina, United State

I am John Bradley from South Carolina, United State of America. I am staying here in China because the journey is flapping to Dr. Song. It started from 8 years ago returned to my 50s and my PSA spiked. And my doctor was going to do a biopsy for me and then I made a mistake there. 8 years later, I was diagnosed as the prostate cancer. So a friend did the research for the treatment because I just rejected to the options in the least such as surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, all these have side effects and questions came into my mind. So I came to China six weeks ago and I met the incredible team from Dr. Song, Dr. Ivan, Alisa and the nurse Cindy, the whole team here in Xiangtan, a bend of amazing. And my result is very very positive, so if I were sitting as what you are sitting right now, what can I know. I came here with 2 tumors, a small tumor in the left and a large tumor in the right side. 6 weeks later, the small tumor is gone and the large tumor is 90% gone, the only remnants are pieces of tissues breaking up as I just look at them under the microscope. I saw the 1st lab of cancer cells and I saw after the lab. And they are particles that are coming out of my body. So I am going home very very happy. Why I have been here, I felt so strong, I worked out every day, stayed at a beautiful hotel and actually I lost 25 pounds of weight when I have been here. And that is amazing, you can be under the cancer treatment and they are stronger while you are going through the treatment. That just doesn’t happen in the west, people lose their hair, and they get sick; so I am encouraging you to do the research. You know every treatment is different, and if you can find time, of course, they are rewarding. This is the best place in the world. They inject directly through perineum into the prostate with natural herbs which is very safe without side effects. So I tell you what, if you want to talk to me, you call me or get my email from Alisa. I am happy to get your call or email the answers any of your questions. I wish you will have a happy journey here. From John Bradley.

Video Link:


Results- Ball on the 1 -yard line
Journal entry by John Bradley — Oct 8, 2018

Started the day at 9 AM at the large public hospital here. They had two MRI machines going like clockwork. I didn’t wait more than five minutes before they had me on the table and in the machine. The whole thing lasted about 25 minutes. I was getting up off the table as the next person was being wheeled into the room. They don’t mess around here because the volume is so high. Can you imagine having an MRI in America and not waiting? For that matter can you imagine a doctor's visit every day for six weeks (I had an injection yesterday, on a Sunday by Dr. Ivan. He came in on his off day because I am technically going home a day early)? Each visit lasting at least 15 minutes for detailed questions about your sleep, your conditions, followed by another 10 to 15 minutes of treatment? That’s the game plan over here and it works to serve each guy like he was the only one at the clinic.

About those results? I started with two tumors one small and one medium (14mm X 17mm). The small one is gone. The large one has been reduced to “less than 10% of the original size” and counting. This 10% is a remnant that time will take care of - the cancer is dying a slow and painful death. Good riddance.

Dr. Song says over the next few months the remnants of the large tumor will completely disappear. There are still two more sets of injections to go and then that medicine will continue to work in my body for weeks. Double Bonus Points- he is sending me home with two months’ worth of herbal rinses that cleanse me of any rogue cancer cells floating around and boost my immune system at the same time.

Someone is surely asking, "how do you feel about this?" I feel it is an 8 out of 10. Sure it would have been nice to hear - ALL CLEAR. But healing takes time, and the cancer was step 2 of the process. Killing the causes, the pathogens was step 1 and that took 3 weeks! Doing so eliminated the chance of recurrence. We didn't just treat the cancer (symptom) we treated the cause.

The larger challenge is the size and condition of the prostate or BPH. When I got here mine was over 100 cm³ and today he said it measured at 80 cm³. So there’s progress being made. He advised me to take 8 to 9 months and let nature take it’s course. At some point next spring I will get it measured and decide if I’m going to come back for further treatment to recondition this old leather briefcase that has been left out in the sun and the rain for eight years. I know it is much improved, I had a 2 1/2 hour nap on Saturday, unprecedented over the last 5 years due to frequency of urination.

Bottom line: the cancer has been all but wiped out. The medicine inside will continue to work and in a few more weeks and months cancer should be undetectable.

So the ball is on the 1 yard line and I will put it in the end zone with a final MRI right before the end of the year.

Wonder what my USA doctor will say when he watches that movie?

Journal entry by John Bradley — Oct 7, 2018

It’s Sunday morning in America and that is maybe my most favorite time of the week. Whitney and I like to linger in bed on Sunday mornings, waiting for the other one to wake up, and then lay there letting streams of consciousness trip off our tongues as the sun rises and calls us to the day. This is a precious morning, the only one where we don’t typically have some place to be or a schedule to follow. Next Sunday will be one of those mornings.

It’s the homestretch over here. Tomorrow I have an MRI and will learn the results on Tuesday. I’ve written about how wonderful this experience has been, and yet I feel like I have failed to capture the depth of it, nonetheless.

Maybe some numbers will help:

40- days away though certainly not in the desert

1 –room to call home, and it has a terrific view

7- new friends I will look forward to keeping tabs on going forward via email or WeChat

224- lbs when arrived, 198 this morning

10,504- avg. steps/day or 5.6 miles/day

80- injections through perineum directly into my prostate (Ouch in Chinese: Aiyo)

385 - total guided meditation minutes. Nearly 10/day

3 - level of ping pong skill achieved, scale of 1 – 5.

17 – straight losses to the 65 year old Sensei in the park

73- vials of herbal medicine toting home

There’s no doubt that tomorrow’s MRI is pivotal in deciding whether this trip has been effective in fighting cancer inside my prostate. But regardless of the results, the trip itself has been a wonderful gift. I had read on some websites, when I was first starting this journey that other cancer patients called their experience a gift, something they would not trade back if given the chance. I didn’t understand that then though I certainly do now. In talking with some of the guys here and a buddy back in America who is on his own cancer journey, this is a nearly universally felt sentiment.

I share this unblushingly because if a friend or family member, or God forbid, you are ever diagnosed, you will all know that there is a silver lining to that diagnosis. And know too that there are alternative treatments all around the world that are beating this threat. My friend in California just got back from the Hoxsey clinic where he read testimonials of people in their own hand writing going back over 50 years. These are people who came back to the clinic years later for routine follow-up, folks that beat late stage cancers and lived to laugh and tell about it. Not all of them were survivors, no cure is batting 1.000. But the vast, vast majority were unmitigated success stories, stories of winning the battle, living years beyond the doctors' initial estimates with no recurrence. I am posting a picture in the gallery of one such note, a legacy patient whose great grandfather, and also grandfather, had been treated at the clinic. 54 years later she finds herself there to cure her own cancer.

There have been two similar stories here at the 3-D clinic in September. I witnessed two of them while I was here. Guys who arrived with tumors and left with "undetectable" on their radiology reports.

Dr. Song and his staff have been wonderful. The staff at the hotel have been remarkable. I will miss many of them. But it is time to come home.

Good, bad or awful I’ll post the results on Tuesday. Jumping on the plane Wednesday morning, after the last round of injections. Can’t wait to see or talk with you all over the next few weeks.



The Brotherhood
Journal entry by John Bradley — Sep 29, 2018

Good Morning America, from China! Today's journal entry is being brought to you by the #4.

Being here for the last 4+ weeks has been a bounty of privileges. I've chronicled in earlier posts how fortunate I feel to have found this place, to have a wife who instinctively thinks outside the box, and a team at work who fully support my 6 weeks away. That team got a new client this week. Amazing. (And Josh had a son! Can't wait to hold young Carter.) Just to have the opportunity to go on a medical journey that is part sabbatical and part adventure is a gift, and then to have a treatment that leaves me with so much energy that I work out for 2 hours a day or more, stay in a great hotel for $48/day, eat interesting food and make new friends. Wow, just wow.

Add to the basket of blessings … the men I have met here. Each one has an interesting story that I will try to briefly capture below on 4 of them. Each is a seeker, who came from different parts of the globe to this nondescript clinic in the middle of an indistinct city in a faraway country because they weren't willing to accept the conventional medical wisdom of how to treat prostate cancer.

Let me introduce the Brotherhood.

Neil from Australia, 56. One of the most interesting cats I’ve met in a long, long time. Neil lives in Australia but he builds gyro-copters in China- it’s his company. www.tagaviation.com.au These are two-seater copters that can travel a couple hundred miles and stay aloft four hours. Take off in Greenville and run it down to Hilton Head. He bought one, German model, about 10 years ago and decided he could make one stronger and lighter out of titanium, in short - better. He moved his manufacturing operation to China a couple years ago. One day in the clinic while we were waiting I listened to a 10 minute dissertation on the superiority of his rotors (carbon fiber) over the German rotors, “German garbage” (aluminum, they crack and thus, have a max life of 800 hours).

Neil has also traveled all over the world… beating cancer. He had lymphatic cancer and cured that three years ago at a clinic in Mexico, Hoxsey Biomedical, check it out. The testimonials of Hoxsey are mind blowing:


When Neil learned he had prostate cancer two years ago he went to Germany but that treatment didn’t work. Then Israel, where he learned a lot but wasn't treated. He kept searching, committed to avoiding surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, he even refused a biopsy (which really paid off for him, more on why below). He knew he had cancer from the PET-CT scan (another reason to avoid a biopsy) but he wasn’t going to let anybody complicate things with questionable treatments/highly suspicious outcomes. He kept searching knowing that prostate cancer was relatively slow growing. A friend of a friend told him about Dr. Song here in Xiangtan

He started treatment on September 8th, his prostate was 150 cm³, normal is under 30, and he had two tumors, one on each lobe of the prostate. After 10 days of treatment he did an MRI. Both tumors were completely eradicated. I can’t make this stuff up folks, “undetectable“ was the radiologist's report from the big hospital here.

Why was his treatment so successful, so quickly? Because he never had a biopsy that damaged his prostate, created blockages, and thus, complicated the treatments. He was discharging pathogens the first night! 10 days- cured. Oh, and his prostate shrank by 1/3. It is now under 100 and shrinking more over time.

John, from Thailand, 63. John is a retired naval engineer, he worked on weapons systems for the British Navy. He married a gal from Thailand to retire there about seven years ago, and runs a 100 acre farm growing a vegetable that is toxic until it is cooked. Sounds weird, right? He loves old movies, his garden, birds and beer. John is a gregarious guy, and he lights the clinic up when he comes in every day.

Biopsied 4 months ago, elected not to have surgery or radiation because he didn’t like the potential side-effects (incontinence, impotence), not to mention the prognosis (75% cure rate, but what about the other 25%??) and found this place using an Internet search “alternative prostate therapy“. He is scheduled to be here for five weeks and will leave on the same day I do. John had the biopsy which is the challenge. He is just not flushing out like Neil. The doctor says John is progressing well, nonetheless, and his prostate is softening and the cancer is gone based on the digital rectal exam (finger exam) we get every day. John is continuing to cleanse his system of pathogens on the drip every day, gets the dual injections like the rest of the crew, and will have an MRI soon. He just wants to see more calcification release in his urine but is confident he will soon be cancer free.

Dave, from New Zealand, 73. Dave is a world-class age-group marathoner. He WON the 70 to 75-year-old class in the 2016 Chicago Marathon. He has run marathons all over the world: Berlin, Madrid, London, as well as New York, Boston, LA. This 73-year-old guy gets up every morning and clicks off 12 to 16 km. For those of you counting at home that's 8 to 10 miles, 6 days a week. At 73. He's training now for New York again, in November so he upped it one day last week to 25 Kilometers = 15 miles. His son runs the company he began in NZ, a scaffolding supply operation out of Auckland.

Dave came in after me, around September 2nd, and began treatment with a large tumor taking up nearly the entire space on the right side of his prostate. This was a MacDaddy tumor, and after four weeks of treatment he also got an MRI.

“Undetectable”. He will continue treatment for another 10 days to remove any remaining pathogens and continue to unblock from his biopsy.

Kev, from Australia, 63, but he looks like he is 50. Kev is a gentle man, a Carpenter back home. He gets Precision & Targeted injections every day, just like the rest of us as he is trying to wipe out several small tumors inside his prostate. His prostate was not too enlarged but Kev, like John and Dave also had a biopsy, so his blockages are the challenge. He came in around September 9th and will get imaging results next week. The doctor is confident Kev is clear of cancer. The bigger challenge is undoing the damage caused by the biopsy. Sound familiar?

This is the Brotherhood. John, Kev, Dave and I went to dinner last night to celebrate Dave’s great news. As John said at dinner, “I am as happy for Dave as if it was my own prostate we were celebrating”. He meant it, and we all felt it. We've met in the clinic every day and grown to care about each other. Also, when one of us wins, it validates the process for the rest of us, we feel more hopeful.

That’s it for this morning. Enjoy your Saturday morning, and Go Clemson! as my gorgeous mother-in-law is surely saying about now as she tailgates outside Death Valley before the Freshman QB and the rest of the Tigers take on Syracuse. Both teams are 4-0, only the 4th time in history that two 4-0 teams have met in Clemson.

Missing you all, and letting you know that your phone calls work just as if I was back in SC. Sounds like I am right next door. Ring me up anytime to chat, it is exactly a 12 hour swing, ahead. As I post this journal entry the clock reads 9:37 pm.

Sending good Chinese mojo to you all,


he Wizard is not real. Right?
Journal entry by John Bradley — Sep 22, 2018

Whitney arrived Monday, after a 26 hour journey. She flew this far to be by my side for a few days before she has to return to a whirlwind schedule of her own. Man! I am blessed. But you already know that. It has been great having here here, the guys all wanted to go to lunch with her to say goodbye after morning clinic today. As one of them said, there is a dearth of female companionship and she was a dose of beauty for us all. Check out the photos in the gallery.

We all know the story of the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was looking for a way home, and she heard there was a Wizard in a distant town that could give her the secret to getting there. She met some interesting characters along the way (flying monkeys!), had some twists in the road that scared her, but eventually she found Oz and the Wizard. He turned out to be a phony.

We've all been burned, had a "lemon" experience, raised expectations only to see them dashed, and vowed to make better decisions next time. These negative experiences condition us to be cautious, reticent to taking risks, especially in situations that have high stakes. The "proven" way is the best way, status quo is just that for a reason(s) and when big decisions are on the line there cannot be a doubt to the path one chooses. Right?

Perhaps not. One of the good guys said it well: "Never accept ultimatums, conventional wisdom, or absolutes." Christopher Reeve (and he has many others) Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/christopher_reeve />

The men I have met here, like Dorothy, are seekers. They are all looking for answers to a big challenge. They want to get "home" without side-effects. Each one of them has a story that is worth chronicling, and I will do that in a future Journal entry, after Whitney gets back on the plane home. They have come to this otherwise unremarkable city in the middle of China to find the Wizard. These men all had a condition or two that could have been treated with conventional approaches. Approaches that come with serious side-effects or questionable outcomes. Without bashing Western Medicine, because there are some great doctors, fine institutions and amazing results achieved every day in the West in disciplines like Orthopedics, Obstetrics, even Plastic Surgery (see Cher)… the field of Oncology is just not one of those disciplines.

Side bar: My Dad's long-time partner, Gwyn, will tell you that her first husband Jack suffered terribly for years while fighting cancer in the 90's, and if she had it to do over again, they both would have refused the Chemotherapy and Radiation, each of which destroy healthy tissue while delivering highly questionable outcomes. We will someday look back on the treatment of cancer using Radiation and/or Chemotherapy as primitive, nay, medieval. When the West gets it figured out, harnessing the body to heal itself, they will have caught up to the East. But I digress.

We've all come to find the Wizard, Dr. Song.

Let me use the words of a fellow that just finished his 4th round of treatments (it only took one to cure his cancer) to describe this remarkable Doc. Ratan is a business man and finance professor, it is only a couple short flights to this city from his home in Northern India. Dr. Song cured him of Prostate cancer in 2014. Rattan has been back thrice more for follow up treatments for Epididymitis, and infection of the Vas Deferens that can be very painful (like a woman's urinary tract infection), and very difficult to cure due to the low blood supply in these areas.

Ratan and I became friends as we met at the clinic each day; he was here with his wife, she was receiving anti-virals and herbal cleanses too. Here is his parting note to me:

Good morning Mr. John!

I am genuinely happy to learn that your health system is responding to the treatment. So also our fellow brothers who are under treatment by Dr. Song & his team.

As for me, looking back 4 years hence, I find one of the luckiest, among the people suffering from this ‘hard walnut to crack ‘ all over the world, to have found Dr. Song.

Dr Song, a god’s gift to the people suffering from all kinds of Prostate diseases.

He is so humble, so unassuming yet so humane, so caring, so absorbed in his works, so dedicated to his profession! (my emphasis).

It’s natural for people to have serious doubts & reservations about the alternative treatment. So ‘ NO RISK, NO GAIN ‘! I am happy that I took the risk 4 years back and saved myself from the surgeon ‘s scalpel ( of my prostate)!


Wishing you 100% recovery of your health.


Ratankumar Khumujam

So who is the Wizard? Hard to say. He is direct, and doesn't dance around his message. He does laugh, I have seen that. Once, when I showed him a photo of the guys standing together looking at each other's discharges (we do that), I told Dr. Song that under any other circumstances we would be sharing photos of our kids. He chuckled.

I see him for an interview of 15-20 minutes each day, with his interpreter, and fellow doctor Ivan (5 years out of med school). I love Ivan, he is smart and funny and caring. Dr. Song wants to know details of my nightly experience following treatments. He never takes a shortcut in his questions. 2nd round of Testing was last week. It was mixed results. My cancer is undetectable but the pathogens are proving resilient. He has adjusted my treatment because the infections are proving more difficult than initially thought. It is causing the expected constipation and burning, both of which are mild. Dr. Song told me that the tumors are virtually gone, he cannot feel them anymore (which I can corroborate myself) during the daily digital rectal exam prior to the injections (go look that one up). It is a real party.

For the record, I saw Dr. Song leave the clinic one night after everyone was finished. I had stayed in the area and just happened to catch him without his lab coat, walking on the street. The Wizard was wearing cutoff shorts, an old t-shirt and sandals, hunched over contemplating perhaps whether common sodium bicarbonate has merit as a 6% solution in fighting cancer, or some such thought. He had learned of this theory from a patient I will chronicle in a future post. He said he was willing to do the research. Imagine that, a guy who has a track record of curing intractable diseases is willing to consider a new weapon in his arsenal? Then again, it is how he got here. Dr. Song was not willing to accept the status quo or conventional wisdom.

That's enough for today, I promised to keep these to under 10 minutes. There is so much more to share! The stories of the guys here, Whitney's arrival and our time together on the streets of Xiangtan…. But I will leave you with this.

Cancer IS curable, now.

If you don't believe this, check out the documentary of the same title, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R7K3OhaYLs&t=1937s It is long, and really kicks in about the 35 minute mark.

And check out the stunning testimonials of the Hoxsey Biomedical Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. http://www.hoxseybiomedical.com/patient-testimonials/

Happy seeking, sisters and brothers, let's meet further down the yellow brick road,


A kindly reminder from 3D Clinic

Every cancer patient has different condition,not all the cancer can be cure through our treatment. please first consult with our doctors.

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